Hold the Power of the Sun in your Hand

It’s hard to grasp just how powerful the Polarion HID Searchlights are especially when you simply see an image of the product in isolation.  This website is designed to showcase the products themselves as well as assist you in mentally forming a picture of what these tools can do in the field.

Professionals need powerful searchlights they can deploy for extended periods of time. When weight and space are a premium these are the tools to reach for. Despite their relatively small size, operator’s can maintain unparalleled light output for extended periods of time while maintaining maximum situational awareness.

With Polarion High Intensity Discharge (HID) portable searchlights, gone are the days of cumbersome spotlights with heavy/awkward power supplies and ballasts. These HID lights can be easily transported in small cases, packs, or attached to your load bearing vest.

With our incredibly small ballast components, highest quality reflectors and state of the art internal components, you will have a location and identification capability that is unmatched.

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The Polarion HID searchlights are Ideal for large area search and rescue operations, long-range identification requirements such as vehicle checkpoints, border security, and assault operations. Outdoors-men will welcome the massive amount of clear, brilliant light these systems emit.  The beam quality is the best in the industry. The reflector was shaped to give the user an excellent combination of "throw" and “flood” giving excellent overall coverage.

Reliable, rugged, efficient, and waterproof, Polarion HID products are the new standard.


Polarion HID Portable Searchlights are “Best-of-Breed”.

Powerful, highest quality materials, designed for professional use in demanding environments.

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